Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Kill Yourself, Make the Bullies Pay

A death in the family, surf season and major surgery had me on hiatus as a rash of queer and bullied kid suicides dominated the public imagination.  Suicide rates among LGBT and Native American kids have always been 4-5 times higher than the rest; hopeless, helpless, ashamed, isolated, death seems the only way out. Several noble adults have come forth to help the kids, offering love, hope and encouragement; most recently, Hillary Clinton. 

Unless it kills you first, life after the toxic family, high school or community life always gets better for the outsider, the gay child, the fat girl, the slut, the geek and the poet. We move away from the stupidity, the insanity and misery and find our own truth. We find each other, we survive and together, we create. Yes, kids, it will get better, eventually.

But why are we asking the bullied children trapped in these childhood gulags to bear the burden of survival alone? Are we not a society? Hey, it will get a hell of a lot better when our moronic schools, the bullies and their clueless parents are held financially and legally responsible for making life miserable for innocent, vulnerable kids. So hang in there kids, until the laws and penalties for institutionalized homophobia and cruelty bankrupt the assholes. Meantime, learn karate, firearms assembly, organize civilian defense leagues and please forgive your country and your appointed caretakers for abandoning you every fucking day.