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Reader Reviews from Around the RamonesWorld!

The Ramonesworld  now crosses all boundaries, connecting fans across generations and nations like a world religion. Over forty years after the release of  Ramones, from Japan to Argentina, Idaho to Russia, Berlin to Texas, the band's impact reverberates like they just broke yesterday, inspiring skate punks, riot grrrls, rude boys, queer kids and  Afropunks.    Following the publication of Why The Ramones Matter, several fans have started posted reviews----on Ramones fan pages, and websites from around the world. I'll be posting a few of them here. If you'd like to post a review, please contact
Gabba Gabba Hey! 

Review by Julia Green* (Russia):*Admin: Facebook Fan Page,  Ramones Tribute "Too Tough To Die", Editor at Rolling Stone, Russia.
“The American Dream is sustained by optimism, even when nihilism is trendy.” (DG) Every book tells the story… Now, you have a lot more than this. WTRM is offering you the lost pieces of a puzzle you were proba…

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