Monday, June 21, 2010

Surf it Deep!

Josh Fox's documentary on the hazards of hydraulic fracturing & natural gas drilling.
Monday June 21, HBO 9pm

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Apocalipsis 2010: 
John's Revelation details an unfathomable ordeal of death and destruction. But  actually, the Apocalipsis is a good thing---it speaks to a ripping away, an unveiling of false consciousness. Like the Tower, tarot card of the major arcana, our structures have been built on faulty premises, they are collapsing under the weight of our human folly. Stuck by a bolt of lightening, we are illuminated, inspired from above. Spiritual awakening follows a collective Dark Night. 
As corporate arrogance and negligence decimates the life and livelihood of the Gulf of Mexico, we witness the hazardous consequences of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) our mountains as drilling for natural gas spews up yellow, toxic, flammable water and the cancer rates rise, and our precious watersheds are compromised, there will be no more lies, no delusions, no excuses. As we witness the collapse of our economy, our ecology and our society, we understand how we have created our own doomsday. We see the face of the devil staring back at us in the mirror, in the face of our unbridled human greed and recklessness. But even we cannot kill God.
Some Native American tribes believe that the turtle is sacred, a female manifestation of God, she carries the Earth on her back. The gulf oil spill suffocates the God in us every day.  This is a Holy War, a battlefield of life against death, from Louisiana, to the Northeastern Marsallus Shale, to Liquid Natural Gas drilling proposed twelve miles off the coast of Long Beach, NY. Each day, the acid eats away at our stomachs, the fear, the shame and tears drain us of hope, we have one  choice---change or die. 

Sunday, June 06, 2010

in Japan & the Gulf, we will stand by you.