Dear Big Mean Bloated America

Like any other alcoholic, cross-addicted, my drug of choice is MORE--more food, more booze, more drugs, more power, more money, more sex, more shoes, more eye shadow, more parties, more fame, more music and it goes on and on as long as that empty gnawing inside is allowed free reign. Gambling is the only addictive obsession I don't have and that's cause I never win. It's almost ten years since my last drink (thank you God) and it's taken me that long to understand what's meant in the Lord's Prayer "Give us this day our daily bread." It means moderation, taking what is needed--not more, and also not less. Self denial, self-abasement, self-loathing are as "sinful" as gluttony, greed, pride and arrogance--(if we define sin as separation from self and the Divine). As part of a ten year jubilee I decided to purge. Cleared out closets, book shelves, kitchen, work station, body and psyche, let go of surplus, opening more space for light to enter. There's a seamless link between all our big fat SUV's, huge platters of greasy fries, corporate take-overs, body fascism, Iraqi war crimes and global warming. Why not just take what we need from the stream of life, throw back the rest and see what happens?