Return of the CorpseBrides

One thing about addiction is, over time, if it doesn't kill you, it will kill all your friends. Once upon a time, Susie was married to a CorpseGrinder, an amazing punk power chord band, the CorpseGrinders descended from the NY Dolls via Killer Kane. I was a Slugwife, married (in a dope-fueled ritual) to a Slug. We met at a party in Sea Cliff around 1980. We looked alike--like Chrissie Hynde & Lydia Lunch--and shared an interest in the occult, black clothes, silver amulets and dark elixers. We became instant friends, introduced our mates and their bands merged; Slugs became CorpseGrinders, CorpseGrinders became Slugs. The CorpseBrides joined the Slugwives dancing at the foot of the stage--the space we now call the pit. By 1995 Susie and me were the last girls standing----dope, crack and booze had wiped out all our sisters. Women seem to die sooner in the valley of fear. Last week Susie CorpseGrinder became "Susananda," a nickname bestowed in honor of her completion of yoga teacher certification training. She now teaches yoga to women in the serene gardens of the North. Next week I complete my Reiki Master training. My healing practice, Magna Dea Intuitive Healing Arts, offers energy healing, social work wisdom, auric cleansing, psychic empowerment and spiritual counseling. Wounded healers are we. The CorpseBrides have risen!!!