Letter to S.Dakota

Dear S. Dakota

I understand how you feel about abortion and the rights of the unborn, the powerless, and the weak. I feel that way about children, the poor, the sick and the animals. Especially the ones tortured in medical experiments used to cure cancer, the epidemic of post-industrial toxicity that killed my parents and all my grandparents.

It's been a generation now, and we've come a long way, baby---from coat hangers to in-utero fetus mutilation to throwing our newborns in the trash. Abortion sucks. It's a brutal solution nobody enjoys. But making it illegal in the name of God is a devil's bargain. It condemns our children for the sake of our grandchildren. Abortion was illegal back in America's Taliban days, when my great grandfather was incesting my grandmother and her three sisters. It was still illegal when I was growing up. The rich girls went to Puerto Rico to abort and poor girls threw themselves down the stairs. Teenage mothers stayed poor and their kids grew up hard, feeling unwanted, angry, hungry.

A true pro-life ethic would rightly include no abortion, capital punishment, death penalty, or war. It would encourage cruelty-free science, animal rights and a vegan diet. It would outlaw imperialist plunder, and restore the American virtue of greed as a deadly sin. Someday, science,technology and world religion will converge, and a humane solution to the problem of unplanned human procreation will be found. Maybe Martians will hunt us all into extinction. Meantime, the state has no place making these decisions.

Let us not love
with words or tongue
but with actions,
and in truth
I. John 3:18