Columbia is Bleeding

While we're on the subject of Big Science---corporate cruelty, university research grants and institutionalized evil, please go to And then go see that sweet sentimental inter-species love story, King Kong. A PETA investigation revealed abuses at Columbia University primate labs where baboons (probably friends of King Kong) continue to endure hideous invasive surgeries. And then they are left to suffer and die in their cages without mercy, or even painkillers.

"Columbia's Bleeding" is a 21st Century protest song fresh off Nellie McKay's Pretty Little Head album. At her New Years Eve performance at ARS Nova, dressed in her best vegan vintage blonde, songbooks in hand, McKay celebrated what was good about 2005. Well, not much, but there were two animal rights victories; J Crew backed off plans to sell fur, and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge has been spared drilling. After covering John Lennon's only-women-bleed "Woman is the Nigger of the World," Miss McKay made a wish for 2006; that Columbia labs would stop torturing the baboons----"write letters" she pleaded with us, plinking her piano, crooning sweetly like she was Fay Wray.