Slugs & Corpse Grinders Tribute

If I hadn't met them I'd probably still be listening to the Allman Brothers. My doctoral dissertation would have been some banal Marxist inquiry into professionalization, proletarianzation and "new class" blah blah blah theory. I would have died a moldy death in an airless tomb; surfing a godless tenure track to hell. Thank God I had a drinking problem. On March 17, 1978 at 3 a.m. I was at a Long Island disco bash trawling for beer, ranting for the Sex Pistols when I met the Slugs. (If you've read my memoir, A Misfit's Manifesto: The Spiritual Journey of a Rock & Roll Heart then you know all this--so blog off now and go directly to the "AUDIO" page of my website and listen to the band that saved me from a normal life. Then hit the "PHOTO" gallery, go to the "Post-Ramones Empire of NYC" sector and see how cute they are). By the early 1980's, the Slugs merged with the Corpse Grinders, when original NY Doll Rick Rivets and Fat's Deacon drummer Tongue Blaccard joined forces with Lenny, Ray, Kenny, Greg, (and sometimes Bob, Mike and Billy Rogers of the Heartbreakers, Ramones and Heroes). The CorpseGrinders were descended from the Dolls via Arthur "Killer" Kane, the bass player cum Morman spiritualist who's now the subject of Greg Whiteley's documentary, "New York Doll." The first CorpseGrinders album features Stu Wilder on vocals, and such ditties as "Rites4whites" and "Mental Moron." Following in a great Dolls tradition of too much-too soon, Wilder was eventually booted out for too many Chinese Rocks. Replaced by Slug's darkly seductive singer Ray Jalbert, the latter-day 'Grinders put out albums and compilations on New Rose and Whiplash. I can testify today that sex, drugs and rock & roll can lead to meaningful employment---assuming they don't kill you first. If you want to know more about these bands go to or