Happy Birthday Johnny Ramone

When the Ramones broke up in 1997, the Post-Ramones Empire of New York City was governed by Joey. He lived in the East Village, across the street from Continental, where he organized a series of festive shows, featuring classic and neo-punk bands. The Ramones local-to-global network was further energized by Post-Ramones projects from Marky, Tommy and CJ. When Joey passed over to the other side, the shrine at CBGB's lasted for days. The street signifier at Bowery & E.2, now officially "Joey Ramone Place," may outlive CBGB's, if not NYC itself.

Dee Dee left the band in the 1990's to pursue other projects; his "Dee Dee King" foray into rap, other bands such as the Remains, Chinese Dragons and several memoirs--"Lobotomy" and "Legend of a Rock Star." Dee Dee's Post Ramones Empire was international--he governed Argentina, the homeland of his wife and bandmate, Barbara Zampini. He procured dachshunds and airdales, living in Germany, Monticello, and finally settling in Los Angeles where he died accidentally, playing with fire (heroin).

As the Post-Ramones Empire expanded, Johnny Ramone left NYC with his wife Linda, to rule over Los Angeles, hanging out with Nick Cage, Kirk Hammet and Eddie Vedder. He played golf, collected signed photographs of baseball's greats and promoted bands like Rooney. Johnny's birthday was October 8, so today we, the faithful of NYC, honor all our Ramones and their evangelical efforts in bringing NYC's absurd truth and light to the world. One nation under the Ramones, God Bless NYC, God Bless our Ramones.