Life is the Only Thing Worth Living For

Whenever innocent people suffer and good people die, like the thousands lost in Katrina, we blame God for not intervening. What loving, merciful creator allows things like this to happen? Hey God, where are you?

Last week, Flipper's Bruce Loose visited NYC, first time in over ten years. Sitting on a fire hydrant outside CBGB's, gazing at the vacant space where the twin towers once stood, so proud and strong, he said, " Something is different about the city....the vibe...New York's got humility." When the twin towers went down, an international mix --- all races, ages, classes, and religions---a microcosm of humanity fell with it. And for a moment, kindness and selfless compassion replaced arrogance, greed and pride. One family, one soul, worldwide, united in grief. Our grief became the measure of our capacity to love each other, ourselves, and creation: Life.

Shit happens, creation is what it is--vast, incomprehensible, glorious, brutal, generous, volatile, truthful. God is the light shining through us as we rally around the people caught in Katrina, in the selfless concern and care we show our neighbor. Everyday, on the subway, in the street, at home, at work. To practice high intent through radical, compassionate social justice is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Let Katrina's carnage make us hate racism and poverty so much it makes us as sick as the images we see on TV. "Life is the only thing worth living for..."


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