Ramones Won't Die in Berlin

One of my favorite Ramones songs is "Born to Die in Berlin," (Adios Amigos) including Dee Dee's chorus in German, recorded live over the phone to Joey while Dee Dee was living there. As NYC fights to keep CBGB's alive, a diehard fan named Florian opened the world's first Ramones museum today in Berlin. www.ramonesmuseum.com His extensive collection of rare Ramones items, including posters, tour t-shirts and photos over a lifetimee of devotion fills a spacious one bedroom apartment. Rents in Berlin are very cheap--- around $200. In NYC we'd pay that much just to put our Ramones memorabilia in storage. Marky said, "I wish Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee were alive to see this because they would be very flattered like I am."

RamonesManiacs unite!! Open Ramones museums in your town too! CBGB's is my designated site for a future Ramones Museum----or Arturo Vega's loft, the specious art gallery where Dee Dee and Joey used to live. Artie's loft is adjacent to Joey Ramone Place, at East 2 Street, off Bowery.

Cleveland has a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Seattle has EMPLive, housing all Jimi Hendrix' archives. NYC doesn't have a Museum of NY Rock, one that might include punk, hip hop, girl groups and other indigenous sounds. Right now, all we've got is Johnny Thunders' guitar hanging at the Hard Rock Cafe. "Sometimes I feel like screamin' Sometimes I feel I just can't win Sometimes I feelin' my soul is as restless as the wind Maybe I was born to die in Berlin" ADIOS AMIGOS