"Hey Jawnny....." (R.I.P.)

Was Katrina Johnny Thunders' revenge? Hurricanes, thunderbolts, lighting, winds, floods and damnation for a wrongful, unsolved, dope-related death in a New Orleans flophouse in April, 1993?

Meanwhile, on September 11, NYC remembers Johnny Bully with love and gratitude---Fire Fighter John Heffernan, the Rockaway Beach-born punk who went down with the second tower on 9/11. His bandmates, the Bullys, keeping flames high with amazing sets and writing great songs---recording a new album and hosting an annual memorial show at Continental, like the one on September 9.

September 12, 2004 plucked the fighting spirit of Johnny Ramone off the earth and delivered it to his bruddahs in heaven--Dee Dee and Joey. They're probably still all cranky & pissy, fighting amongst themselves, but that lunatic aggro-tension made them brilliant. SoulSurfing declares this "Official Johnny Memorial Week" For detailed tributes to our St. Johnnys of Rock & Roll, please hit the SHRINE page on http://www.donnagaines.com/

Gottes Engel weichen nie.
Sie sind bei mir allerenden
Wenn ich schlafe, wachen sie
Wenn ice gehe,
Wenn ice stehe
Tragen sie mich auf den Handen.


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