FLIPPER RETURNS---Band members reform after psychotic CBGB's reunion gala.

Even with the aquatic reference, it's not my intention to turn SoulSurfing into a Flipper fanblog but it could happen. Actually Flipper isn't even named for a fish, or anything even remotely Neptunian. Flipper's flippers are the tiny arms of thalidomide babies.

Anyway, stoked to the gills after CBGB's benefit shows last month, San Francisco's progenitors of noise (and by extention, grunge) sound even sicker now than they did in the 80's----back when Jello Biafra was running for Mayor of SF, and punks began polluting granola starshine strongholds from the Haight to Noe Valley, hijacking jukeboxes with Saints, MDC, Wilma, DK's, Tools, and Catheads. Every night---Mabuhay Gardens, the Temple, Target video---in yer face hardcore punk. According to drummer Steve DePace, vintage Flipper videos are being reissued and plans to return to NYC are in progress. And a website too. If you love them let 'em know! "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.........."

Flipper--P.O. Box 2693., Hollywood, CA 90078