Mad Juana's Revenge.

On a hot tip from Lenny Kaye I checked out Mad Juana at Arlene's Grocery Sami Yaffa's (Hanoi Rocks) mysterious, hypnotic gypsy voodoo band is named after "Juana the Mad" (1479--1555) and she was definitely in da house. An infamous wacked monarch of the Renaissance, Crazy Jane was a sullen woman prone to depression, a jealous wife deemed an incompetent queen by a patriarchal conspiracy involving her father, husband, and son. But feminists question whether Juana was truly mad or a victim of manipulative relatives who plotted to overthrow her, usurp her power and seize the throne?! Francis Farmer please come home.

I pondered such questions and others (i.e. hair color, grooming artifacts and fashion) with my former Barnard/Colombia student, Annie Midler, of Midler Media I had spent the day listening to Judas Priest, and really need more alloy in my diet, but it was fun watching singer Karmen Guy channel Patti Smith with kundalini rising, or was it Nico chanteusing "Venus in Furs" with post-Thunderella hair and Marc Bolan moves? Ok, also on the scene at Arlene's was punk photographer Bob Gruen, and Jesse Malin, who's Bowery Ballroom show on 8/25 I shant miss. And then there was Samantha, former Black Carnation vox, now drumming towards tinnitus in a punky marching band Sam I know from our formative years as Monsterettes (maniacal Sea Monster fans). Now we're just a bunch of Mad Juanas, I guess.