Great Amazon Army of the New Millennium Strikes NYC.

Wednesday August 3, it's too humid and putrid out for my canary lungs to venture forth. Music writer Jeanne Fury sends me a morning after scene report: Ronnie Spector kicks ass at a free show with Uptown Horns and cool breezes off the Hudson River. I had stayed home to hit the bottle--Feria, of course. Cinnimon light auburn brown boosted with a gratuitous shot of double intensity red. Tribute to the punk's original bad girl, the Ronette who taught me everything I know about hair, him, and herstory. First Battalion.

The next night I put on my gas mask in search of more Grrrl Power, NYC style. Patti Smith at Central Park, Center Stage, live, free, anti-war, ranting and chanting, a peace sign on Daugherty's drum kit and on her chest too---with a big gold cross dangling over it. Lenny Kaye's guitarwork made wish it was the Lenny Kaye Band I was seeing, but that show won't be until September 29 at Irving Plaza. Patti dedicated an evangelical "Not Fade Away" medley to Jerry Garcia, declaring the week for his names' sake, ten days, actually, from his birthday to the date of his earthly departure....and I bid you good night...