Continental---"It's Still My Home!!"

Yes, CBGB's is a cultural institution worthy of landmark status in NYC, but Continental will always be my home, my club. A place where you can see photos of every great band that ever played there, while sipping club sodas (one day at a time) and paying homage to Saints Johnny Bully and Joey Ramones---via preciosa memorial plaques. Many years ago, before I was a music writer, I came there as a plus-one, a fan girl, and I never left.

July 30 gave the world Live at Continental, a CD Release Party celibrating the club's grace & glory. Post-Ramones, Joey booked festive extravaganzas here cause the club reminded him of early Max's. 14 years of Continental music is documented in a two volume “Live At Continental” CD (including performances Joey, DeeDee Ramone, Murphy’s Law, Bouncing Souls, H2O, the Toilet Boys and many more). On stage pumping for Trigger's house were the Bullys, Furious George, L.E.S. Stictches, Suicide King, Richard Bacchus ( D Generation), Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, with special guest Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators, fresh from Central Park, where he played with Wayne Kramer. Dick drove up to the club in a police car with the missus---courtesy of a friend, a former fan turned peace officer.

Everyone was in great form, playing from the heart. but the stunner of the night was Sea Monster---who went on around 1:45 am. I hadn't seen them in years, and their set was astonishing. Rightfully disgusted with the lack of props, press, venues they are opting for private parties in rented halls, featuring L.I. family values; world famous biker brotherhoods, dancers and strippers, Coney Island freaks and lots and lots of German beer. After the show I sent frontman Arthur Stevenson and his beautiful bride (featured below) a personal thank-you note. If you want to see life before Disney owned us all, get on Sea Monster's mailing list.