Big Press at CBGB's.

Hey, I'm sorry I don't blog in linear time--ever since I got my second degree Reiki attunement, there's been no past, no present, no future, only one eternal blissful moment of NYC music. On Monday August 1, an arsenal of local rock gentry assembled to declare war against all the forces that would tear down our Punk Mecca. A few months ago this was just a petition, now it's a social movement.

Meantime, Little Steven has emerged as a defender of all that is good and true in our city by the Hudson sewer---bringing back our NY Dolls at Randall's Island, and now fighting balls to the wall to save the great house on Bowery. Many fine NY musicians, lawyers and stalwarts joined him for a press conference---Hilly, Lenny Kaye, Dick Manitoba, Legs McNeil, Tommy Ramone----arguing for the cause. I got there at 7 pm and stayed until 2 am, as many great bands chimed the true sounds of liberty---Jesse Malin, Mickey Leigh's Rattler's, Star Spangles, and a dazzling finale of Gloria, delivered by a guitarless crooning Lenny Kaye, Walter Lure's Waldos/Hip Nips and Mad Juana (Sami Yaffa & friends). Reminds me of the daze when we got bent, remember? (the lyric).