Berzerkers are Nutjobs!

Around 1990 I met a guy named Dave at Staples hanging around the xerox machine printing up flyers for his band NutJob. He invited me to band practice and there went the next several years of my life. When NutJob broke up, I had nothing to live for, so I moved from our native Carle Place to NYC. With roots in performance art, Sabbath, Zep and Mudhoney, NutJob had psychotic energy like the Ramones---four brilliant, slightly disturbed young men with boundless energy and paramilitary intensity. The guitarist, Maul Malone, is a U.S. Army veteran and electrician who collects G.I. Joe's. Maul Malone's axe-murder guitar wizardry germinated in NutJob's hometown Carle Place, the tough turnpike turf that bred Satriani and Vai. The singer was a School of Visual Arts graduate who wrapped himself in a mylar scumbag body bag and played harmonic tunes off his nostril. Dave quit r&r to become an Orthodox Jew. Bald X, the drummer ravaged the skins with Bonham intensity--he likes country music. The bass player, George, worked in a deli, and eventually set up a respected recording studio. Maul Malone also played with the Berzerkers, who ruled LI hardcore from their Huntington domain. Three former NutJob members and the Berzerker's original frontman deliver suburban hardcore's brutal truth, kamikaze. On the same night that surf punks swarmed the Gallery hovering over twin fin boards, Arturo Vega, Miss Deborah, Monte Melnick and me snuck nextdoor to see the Berzerkers ont he maoin stage. CBGB's is a cultural arts center, not a punk club As rumors of demolition permits and NYU dorms waft through the air, this sonic wrecking crew from Long Island brought down the house. Death before dishonor!