Sunday, November 06, 2011

Begin the Beguine
By Donna Gaines
As economies and societies transform and reconfigure, how thrilling it is to witness a social movement in formation. One so uniquely 21st Century; leaderless, open-ended, global, propelled by social media; Arab Spring meets Burning Man. The OWS movement is oft criticized by the mainstream dorkocracy for being unformed and vague, unable to articulate a clear agenda. But honey, don't ya know the USA is one of the most difficult places for peeps to penetrate the veils of oppression. So skilled, invisible and entrenched are the ideological and repressive state apparatii, who knows WTF is going on. So dulled are we by malnutrition (dead animals and corn syrup), illuminati hegemony, false consciousness, reality TV, consumerism, Bad Religion, faux democracy, etc. what would you really expect? Hell, the metaphysicians have seen this one coming for years, as Pluto in Capricorn (oligarchy) collides with Uranus in Aries (youth revolt ). The corporate era gobbled the wealth, the food and water supply, and the imagination, leaving us fat, stupid and terrified. But we're waking up from the collective coma, and life will never be the same, the kids are the harbingers of change, let's Begin the Beguine.

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