Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Holidaze 2007

GRATITUDE--Bill W. & Dr. Bob, co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous

Ten years ago on January 26, I had my last drink, it was a Merlot. New Years Eve 1997 had been spent at Coney Island High. The mighty Sea Monster pounding through the night, white powder, and twelve hours of drinking resulted in another blackout. "Heavy social drinking" had become alcoholism. I was at a spiritual, mental and physical bottom. But then something happened--and like so many drunks before (and after me) I found myself uplifted, saved, born again. In 2007 life is sweeter than ever, the Promises of sober living are endless, and love is everywhere--in me, in you and in the world.

In 2007, SoulSurfing will continue to ponder the complex relationship between the sacred and the profane, the mystical and the mundane. The thing is, after a while, sociology of culture and sociology of religion start to look very much alike. The Ramones and Rachmaninov seem equally compelling, and it becomes increasingly clear that "life is the only thing worth living for."

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